Rabu, 10 Agustus 2016

Make This Cure Every Five Years And Forget About Diseases

In 1972, a monk in a monastery in Tibet discovered a remarkable recipe, even 5,000 years old! This recipe is very beneficial and it can cure numerous diseases, but you need to be careful with it, because it is pretty strong and it is only allowed to be used once in five years.

According to popular belief, this liquid can treat lung disease, atherosclerosis, sinusitis, impotence, arthritis, rheumatism, gastritis, hemorrhoids, high blood pressure, it regulates issues with vision and hearing, it regulates the metabolism and it helps in the process of losing weight.

For preparing this potent tincture, you will need 350 grams of garlic and 200 milliliters of 95-proof alcohol or rum. If you opt for the alcohol alternative, make sure that the alcohol you use is methanol-free or benzalkonium chloride-free.

Method of preparation: clean the clove of garlic you are going to use and then mash it. Add the alcohol to it, and pour the resulting mixture into a glass bottle. Leave the bottle with the mixture stay aside for ten days, and after this period drain it and return it to the bottle, letting it sit in the fridge for two more days.

Application: this tincture has very strong medicinal properties and thus you should not consume it more than twelve days. Also, there is a limited number of drops you can use every day, which you should consume in a glass of water before breakfast, lunch and dinner. The first day, you should add one drop before breakfast, two before lunch and three drops before dinner.

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