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Feeling sluggish? Struggle with dry, patchy skin, or dark circles that no amount of makeup can cover? This is a sign that your body is loaded with toxins and is a great landing ground for the flu, or other viruses. What you need is a detoxification.

Even if you feel fine and look fine, it’s never a bad idea to detox to give yourself a boost. Below is weekend plan with a menu you can do to detox your body and cleanse yourself from toxins.
This detoxification process can affect five organs: lungs, lymph, kidneys, liver, and the intestines. Your diet on this plan will consist of low fat food like meat and potatoes, and means drinking a lot of water.

This diet can be safely done twice annually for ten days at most. Conversely, you can do a weekend detox several times a year if you can’t spend ten days on one. All it takes is forty-eight hours to see and feel incredible results.

This diet works well if you exercise regularly while on it, such as going for a jog, a walk in the park, or swimming. Drinking birch, dandelion, and nettle tea can also enhance your results.

Your Weekend Detoxification Plan

Drink an 8 ounce glass of warm water in the morning before consuming anything.

Breakfast: Take a cup of oat flakes and make them with the appropriate amount of water. Add a spoonful of linseed to it and have with 250 ml of water, or green tea, a 6.7 ounce cup of low-fat yogurt, or almond milk, and half a cup of organic blueberries (or an equal amount of a fruit of your choice).

Lunch: Grilled hake (about 250 grams, which you can measure out), two cups of salad (lots of leafy green like arugula and kale, tomatoes, etc.), Swiss chard with potatoes and olive oil, and one small banana and a slice of melon. Drink with a glass of cold water.

Snack: 6 ounce cup of plain, Greek yogurt, one apple, and a fourth of a cup of pumpkin seeds. Mix together for a yummy treat. Drink with a glass of cold water.

Dinner: grams of grilled tuna (you can also barbeque). Half a cup of cooked vegetables such as broccoli, or spinach, two cups of salad drizzled with olive oil and lemon juice. Drink with a 250 ml glass of cold water, or a cup of anise tea.

Begin you day with a glass of warm water.

Breakfast: Have a 200ml cup of low-fat yogurt, or of almond milk. Make a cup of oat flakes with a spoonful of linseed. Eat one pear and drink with a cup of green tea.

Snack: A single grapefruit.

Lunch: Make a vegetable soup (using onions, beans, carrots, pepper, salt beans, and celery). Measure out 200 grams of grilled chicken, 150 grams of pickle to eat, and drink with a glass of cold water.

Dinner: Make a carrot and beat salad sprinkled with a little lemon juice, pepper, and salt. Drink with nettle tea,

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