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In one of my recent posts I have explained How to use Aloe Vera plant as Face Mask? Today I’m going share how use Aloe Vera plant as Hair Mask.  Aloe Vera plant is also known as the plant of immortality. From ancient times this miracle plant is been used for various purposes. Aloe Vera plant is a nontoxic plant which stores water in its leaves in gel form and survives in low rainfall and dry regions. Aloe Vera plant has a unique look from other plants. This plant doesn’t have stem.

Aloe Vera plant is used to cure numerous problems like Health problems, Skin problem and Hair problems. This plant is known as key ingredient for many foods and health drinks. The Aloe Vera gel is used in many cosmetics and beauty products.

Aloe Vera plant contains 75% nutrients, 20% minerals, 12% vitamins, 18% amino acids and 200 active enzymes. Aloe Vera is rich in Vitamins also like it has, Vitamin A, VB1, VB2, VB6 and VB12, Vitamin C and VE, folic acid and Niacin. Minerals like copper, iron, sodium, calcium, zinc, potassium, chromium, magnesium and manganese are also found in Aloe Vera plant.

Benefits of Aloe Vera plant

1. Aloe Vera plant helps to improve Digestion and effectively cleanses the digestive system.

2. Aloe Vera plant works great and helps to cure constipation problems.

3. Aloe Vera plant is full of antioxidants. This plant enhances immunity naturally.

4. Aloe Vera tonic works great for the female reproductive system and helps to rejuvenate the uterus.

5. Drinking Aloe Vera juice regularly will help to enhance your beauty and gives you a glowing skin.

6. Aloe Vera plant is used to treat respiratory disorders and useful to cure frequent attacks of cold, flu, bronchitis herpes, running nose and other respiratory problems.

7. This plant also helps to increase energy level and help to maintain body weight.

8. This magical plant (dry gel) also helps to treat many health problems like diabetes, blood sugar level as it decreases insulin resistance and also decreases triacyglyceride levels in the liver and plasma.

Benefits of Aloe Vera plant for hair care:-

1.  Aloe Vera helps to reduce Hair fall and promote hair growth. This plant’s one of the properties is to balances the pH level of the scalp and hair which helps in further hair growth and keep the scalp moisturized.

2. This plant is a great natural conditioner for hairs.

3. Another best property, this plant contains is Anti-Fungal property. This helps to stop Dandruff and prevents it from reoccurring.

4.  Its anti-pruritic properties help to eliminate itchy and dry scalp. This plant’s enzymatic property helps in the reduction of redness, scaling, pimples (few people get pimples on scalp which is very painful) itching of scalp and inflammation of scalp which directly helps the hair and it destroy excess dead skin cells from the scalp.

5.  Aloe Vera gel helps to repair dry and damaged hair very quickly. Aloe Vera is rich in proteins. This plant helps to keep Hair black naturally.

So I think you all came to know the benefits of Aloe Vera plants for hairs, now I would like to share few Aloe Vera hair mask which can be prepared at home. The Only thing you have to do is to grow this miracle plant in your home.  .

1. Mix 2 cups of aloe Vera juice with 2 tbsp of lemon juice and then apply this liquid mask on scalp and hairs. Then cover your hairs using shower cap then leave for 20-30 min then wash your hairs using plain water. If required you can use mild shampoo also.

2. Mix ¼ cup of Almond oil and a cup of Aloe Vera gel, now apply this mask on scalp and leave for 20-30 min then wash it using mild shampoo.

3. Massage Aloe Vera gel into your scalp and hairs for 10 min then cover your hairs with shower cap. Leave for 30 min then wash it, repeat this once every 2 weeks to get a healthy hair growth.

4. Aloe Vera can be used as a natural homemade shampoo. Mix ½ cup of Aloe Vera gel, 1/2 cup of coconut milk and ¼ cup of wheat germ oil or olive oil to make a liquid paste then massage and use this paste as shampoo to wash your scalp and hairs. This homemade shampoo will helps to get a clean scalp.

5. Take a required (depending on the length of the hairs) amount of Aloe Vera gel and add honey to it then grind it into smooth paste. Then apply on scalp and hairs leave for 20 min then wash it. This mask will bring shine to your hairs.

6. After shampooing your hairs, pat it little dry. Apply the Aloe Vera gel into your scalp and hairs (till the end of your hairs) and leave for 10 min then wash it using plain water. This will help you to get smooth hairs.

7. Cut the Aloe Vera Leaf in the middle and pour few fenugreek seeds into it and close it. Now cover the leaf using wet cloth and keep it for 1 night and in the morning take out the gel along with the seeds. Grind it into smooth paste then apply this mask on scalp and hairs leave for 45 min then wash it. Apply this mask 15 days once to keep your hairs shining, smooth, and soft and to grow your hairs.

8. Massage your scalp with Aloe Vera juice for 10 min then leave for 10 min then wash it. Massage weekly once to get rid of itching scalp.

9. Boil Aloe Vera gel with coconut oil for 30 min on a low flame and cool it. Once it is cool down squeeze the gel properly and stores the oil in a bottle. Then use this oil to massage your scalp and hairs, every time you apply oil. You can apply this oil and leave for 3-4 hrs or over-night then wash it using mild shampoo.

10. Mix Olive oil and Aloe Vera gel equally then apply this mask into your scalp and hairs then gently comb your hairs leave for 30 min then wash it. This is the best deep-clean conditioner for hairs. You can use this conditioner 20 days once.

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The Use of Astragalus in Herbal Medicine

The use of herbs to treat medical conditions goes back at least 2,000 years. Today, there are more than 5,767 natural substances in use including plants, animals and mineral substances, of which 300 herbs made the regular list. Traditional Chinese Medicine uses herbs with acupuncture to help the healing process. At Houston Herbal Medicine, we use herbal therapy to deliver optimal result. One of the most commonly used herbs is astragalus. Here are some interesting facts about this healing herb:

The Plant

Astragalus (also called huangqi or milkvetch) belongs to the legume family. It has hairy stems with leaves made up of leaflets. A hardy perennial, they are indigenous to northern and eastern parts of China, Mongolia and Korea. It can grow up to 36 inches tall and bear pea-like flowers. The root is dried and cut into strips or ground into powder for medicinal use.

Medicinal Use

As a medicinal plant, astragalus flexes its healing muscle in more ways than one. High in antioxidants, it exerts anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory effects. Consider the following uses:

Stress and emotionally drained and tired? You may be low in “qi” (the life force of the body). Astragalus acts as an adaptogen to protect against emotional, physical and mental stress.
Astragalus can be used as a preventive measure against certain diseases. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, astragalus’ high antioxidant content helps to prevent oxidative damage to cells. In so doing, it may prevent debilitating diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer.
Traditionally, astragalus is commonly used to promote spleen, liver, lungs, circulatory and urinary health. Conditions treated include arthritis, asthma, certain nervous conditions, high blood sugar and high blood pressure.

Because astragalus helps to boost the immune system, it is also used as a dietary supplement to treat colds and upper respiratory infections. Astragalus may also strengthen weakened immune system due to radiation or chemotherapy. Studies concerning the benefits of these uses are still inconclusive.

Available Forms

Traditionally, the patient boils astragalus, together with other herbs and drink the tea thus produced. However, astragalus is also available in capsules or tablets for easier consumption. You can also find them in tincture, as a tea or in injectable forms in Asian countries or in salves, compresses and plasters for topical application.

Astragalus should only be used under the supervision of a certified health practitioner. For more information on how to use astragalus, contact us.

8 Obvious Signs You Absolutely Need To Detox ASAP

A detoxification is a necessary process to promote full body health; this is especially true if you are not the healthiest eater. The detoxification process removes harmful or toxic substances from your body, leading to better health and a great starting place for a new healthy lifestyle. If you experience any of the following, it is the likely time for a detox.


It is established that certain foods and patterns of thought can affect the body and make you feel depressed. Depression is also a sign of toxin build up in the bowels, liver, and brain. Cleanse the bowels with enemas and colonics and detox the brain with high chlorophyll-containing foods. Eat more yellow and orange foods.


Toxin build up (especially estrogen build up) is a common cause of insomnia. If you find it difficult to sleep at night, it is time to look into a liver cleanse. As part of your liver cleanse drink the juices of cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli and cauliflower.


Lethargy often occurs with insomnia. If you commonly have lethargy, it is also a sign that your body is carrying extra unneeded weight in the form of undigested and incompletely digested food. Start your detox by eating less daily. Avoid eating anything but low-to-moderate glycemic fruit at night.


Indigestion is a bloated feeling that makes you almost feel like you are pregnant. If you have common indigestion problems, there may be blockages present that make a properly functioning digestive tract impossible. An intestinal cleanse detox will help correct this, even if long-lasting. The good intestinal cleanse should last 2-4 weeks and consist of eating less food, drinking more detox fiber and herb shakes along with enzymes and probiotics.


If you chronically feel stressed out, it may be a sign that your body needs a detox. Your body is trying to tell you something is wrong. No matter how busy you are with work or family, get into a yoga class daily. Yoga has become the #1 sport in America for one reason — it works. After yoga, meditate for 20 minutes.

Body Odor

If you just smell all over, and you do not know why, it may be time for a detox, this is especially true if you live a healthy lifestyle. Bad smell equals detox time! Cleanse your bowels, remove animal products from your diet for a period. Add probiotics and medicinal mushrooms to your regime as well.

Weight Gain

If you cannot seem to lose weight, it is time for a detox. Toxin build up in the body (especially toxic hormone build up in the liver) is a common cause of excess weight gain and the inability to lose it. You’ll need a liver cleanse using fruits and vegetables of all different colors preferably in a liquid form (blended or juiced). Avoid complex carbs, especially bread. Commit yourself to an hour of exercise every day.

Mental Fog

When your body can’t function properly, your brain can’t function properly, this causes mental fog or the inability to focus on tasks. A detox can fix this. Use high chlorophyll drinks (green juices) and super green foods such as spirulina, marine phytoplankton, and chlorella to detox your brain. Flush out your bowels with enemas and colonics. Drink more water. Notice to see if carbohydrates cause more brain fog. If yes, you will need to take more probiotics and get on a candida detox diet.
There are many ways to approach detoxification. A liquid fruit and vegetable juice cleanse is a good detox method. You can also add nut milk, seasonal soups, and warm teas to the process. Ask your friends to join you — detoxing is much easier with a group. If this remains a DIY (Do It Yourself) process, then please experiment with removing processed foods, meat, dairy, soy, alcohol, bread, and caffeine from your diet for 2-4 weeks.

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How to Detox After Quitting Smoking – 9 Simple Tips

You have quit smoking. Well done and congratulations!

You are now on your way to regaining your health back.

In this article I am going to outline 9 simple tips on how to detox after quitting.

These 9 simple tips on how to detox after quitting smoking have been used with great success by so many of my clients who have attended the Geoff Anthony stop smoking clinic.  I’m sure they will be of great benefit to you also in living your smoke-free life.

Cigarette smoking causes so much damage to your body, but the good news is – you can cleanse yourself from the toxins derived from smoking.

Cigarette smoke contains harmful toxins like nicotine, carbon monoxide, tar, arsenic and other chemicals.

Over periods of time, these toxins accumulate in the body and become very harmful to your organs, lungs, liver and heart.

Here are 9 simple tips to get rid of these toxins.

1. Water

The power of water is often underestimated but it flushes out nicotine from your body speedily!

Water is the body’s natural cleansing agent. It breaks down chemicals and carries them out of your body.

Drinking lots of water daily will help hydrate your body and boost kidney activity and therefore, accelerate the elimination and flushing out of toxins from your body.

I recommend at least 6-8 full glasses of water daily.

You could also add a splash of lemon or lemon juice to cleanse your system of cigarette smoking and other chemicals from smoking.

2. Garlic

Garlic is wonderful in cleansing your body of nicotine and harmful substances.

Garlic Cloves contains allicin, which helps in clearing the lungs.

You can cook with crushed garlic cloves, sauté with it and add to food, such as vegetables and meat.

If you don’t like the taste of garlic, you could use odourless garlic supplements which are available at local health stores and pharmacies.

3. Ginger Root

Ginger has many benefits and is a natural way to clear out the lungs.

Ginger root can be purchased from the produce area of most supermarkets.

Ginger root can be used to create a fresh natural ginger tea.

It can also be added to your foods and salads.

Ginger is also available in tablet or capsules form at your local health store.

4. Teas

Green tea contains powerful antioxidant properties that detoxify your body from years of smoking.  And help to repair the damage caused by free radicals in cigarette smoke.

It is best to drink 3 or more cups of green tea a day.

White tea, lemon tea and peppermint tea and other herbal teas are also very effective in cleansing your body as well.

5. Juicing

Juicing is a form of detoxing.  It removes toxins from your body.

Juicing protects and prevents you from all sorts of disease related to smoking.

You can create fresh fruit and vegetables juices with your juicer and blender.

Fresh carrot, celery, beet, apple, tomato, and grape juices are great for cleansing the body.

You can also buy 100% juices.

Beet juice, asparagus juice, tomato juices and grapefruit juice help to get rid of the toxins from cigarette smoking.

6. High Fiber Foods

Fiber can help eliminate the toxins that build up over time from your cigarette smoking.

It helps prevent colon cancer.

Fiber foods include beans, raw green leafy vegetables, kale, brown rice, carrots, cabbage, asparagus, peas and whole grains.

7. A Healthy Diet

Consume more green leafy vegetables, fruits, berries, apples, nuts, sunflower seeds and beans.

Also, limit your intake of processed foods and fried foods.

8. Vitamin E and C

Smoking robs your body of essential vitamins like vitamin C, so drinking orange juice and eating fruits that contain vitamin C will help restore your body back to normal health and well-being.

Smoking also depletes your body’s supply of vitamin E but eating a lot of dark leafy vegetables like spinach, collard greens and kale will help restore it.

Essentially, vitamin E will help defend your cells and organs from the harm done by smoking and nicotine unwholesomeness.

9. Exercise Daily

During my clinics I always encourage my clients to at least start with walking.

Even a good brisk walk for 20 – 30 minutes daily will have profound health benefits.

Exercise makes you sweat and sweat releases the toxins that have built up in your body due to smoking.

Exercise also burns up the nicotine in your system and boosts your body’s metabolism rate.

It raises body temperature and supply of oxygen. It also keeps your immune system working perfectly.

Exercising frequently will also help detox your body of the damaging chemical load from cigarettes.

Exercise improves circulation and cell regeneration.

As you start exercising more you’ll begin to regain the lung capacity you lost while smoking.

As your body excretes chemicals in your sweat, I would encourage you to drink lots of water after a workout or your brisk walk.

As you follow these 9 simple and practical tips, there will be a huge difference in your body as your health is restored.

It’s good to feel good!  Go for it!  And enjoy your healthy, smoke-free life!

Detoxifying Your Body in 8 Simple Ways

If have been feeling bloated or having intestinal discomfort from a long week of eating various foods or series of parties, detoxifying is one way of cleansing your body. There are several reasons why we detoxify our body. Some of the reasons are discussed below.

Same as why we regularly wash our hand before and after eating and using the comfort room, detox program helps on removing all the toxic chemicals, and wastes such as preservatives, herbicides, pesticides, and artificial colors found in our food. Cleansing improves our digestion and helps in our intestinal tune-up.

In response to detoxification the detoxification process, it gives us high level of energy. Because while we are on the detoxification process, we are instructed to eat fruits and vegetables while cutting off sugars, caffeine, and fats; this way will give you more natural energy boost.
Detox improved absorption of nutrients, proper function of our systems and organs, and promotes a better well-being. As you go away with all the foods that you got addicted from, the detox program kills all the cravings. Since your body will flush out those unhealthy foods and drinks and are replaced with the healthy ones, you will have the chance to retrain your body and stick to the new healthy habit.

Those who have been doing detox says that when they detox they often have a clearer thinking. This is mainly because during the program you restrain yourself from all the fat and sugar containing foods which makes us lethargic.
There are several ways of detoxifying but below are 9 steps that are proven to be the best ways especially if you practice all of them.

8 Steps of Detoxification:


Drink a glass of water mixed with lemon and 1 spoon of honey before eating you breakfast. . You can also add cinnamon on the drink. The lemon-honey-cinnamon drink will flush you liver toxins and regulates blood sugar level. It also stimulates the digestive tract while decreasing your cravings for sweets. In addition, it neutralizes the toxins and relaxes your body.


What could be a great food for detox? Of course, foods that have high antioxidant content and are also anti-inflammatory. These foods include ginger, apple, Brussels sprouts, beets, kale, and pomegranates.


Sleep gives us a lot of health benefits and this includes regulation of stress, metabolism, and keeping us away from any illness. Always sleep enough numbers of hours at night for your body to keep up with what you have worked and consumed during the day.

Eat Health, Eat right!

While cleansing your body, take time to prepare your meal. . Take time to choose the right food that can nourish your body. Keep away from fast foods, salted food, and processed and frozen products. Choose to include fruit and vegetable on your meal plan instead.


There are yoga poses that promotes circulation of the lymphatic system and the body. Some of these poses are the following:

sphinx pose
bridge pose,
cat to cow pose
he supine twist
full boat pose
shoulder stand


Mindfulness should be practiced regularly. You should think about nourishing your body through your food choices. Meditate daily and listen to your intuition. Clear your thoughts and open your mind to possible opportunities and ideas.

Sugar Restriction

To regulate your intake of food, keep away from sweets. Avoid eating sweets, sugars, and sodas. Keeping away from them also controls your cravings. These foods specifically makes us lethargic. During a detox program, connecting our body and our mind is a very essential part. Starting with this restriction, you might like the effect and make it a habit.

No to Alcohol

Let your pancreas and liver rest, stop drinking alcohol. We know that detox is the process of keeping away from any harmful chemical, toxins, and wastes into our body. So, alcohol is obviously a No, no. This will entirely negate the purpose.

stop alcohol

There are several way of detoxifying your body and those are just 8 of them. As a reminder also, if you have an existing medical problem or you are not feeling well, seek for your doctor’s advice first before starting a detox program. And your doctor says yes then go for it. Always remember that our health is wealth.


Vitamin B17 is extremely beneficial to cancer patients. However, pharmaceutical companies don’t want the world to know this, because they would lose their profits.

It has been outlawed to write, film, or participate in public discussions about this subject. Unfortunately, the American Cancer Society, the FDA, and American Medical Association are also part of this game.

Even worse, doctors who’ve used this vitamin to treat their patients have been prosecuted.

However, one women decided to deal with cancer on her own. She used vitamin B17 for her treatment, and the cancer responded positively.

Unfortunately, the disease came back once she stopped using the vitamin. Note that this vitamin is highly concentrated in apricot kernels, and it delivers incredible benefits when used appropriately.

The woman refused to undergo chemotherapy, and focused on only taking vitamin B17. Amazingly, this therapy destroyed her tumors. She became cancer-free and healthy again, after taking 500 mg of vitamin B17, twice a day for 10 successive weeks.

The Benefits of Vitamin B5

There are a variety of benefits that you can enjoy by getting more vitamin B5 into your diet. Vitamin B5, also sometimes referred to as pantothenic acid, plays a vital role in a variety of different functions within your body. In order to give you a better understanding of exactly why you need more vitamin B5 in your diet, here are just a few of the things that it can do to help you stay healthy:

1. It Helps Your Body Metabolize Food Quickly

There are a number of different vitamins that can help your metabolism. Vitamin B5 is one of the most important. Vitamin B5 helps your body to break down the protein, fat and carbohydrates present in most of the food that you eat. As a result, your body can turn food into energy more quickly and keep you energized. This is very important for maintaining a healthy weight and can also give you the energy you need to exercise.

2. It Can Help You Maintain Clear, Healthy Skin

Studies have suggested that vitamin B5 is one of the supplements that helps your body maintain healthy skin. It helps keep your skin balanced and looking its best. Some tests have indicated that vitamin B5 is actually great for treating acne. Because of this, vitamin B5 is something you might want to try if you have issues with your skin.

3. It Helps Regulate the Nervous System

Getting enough vitamin B5 helps to regulate your nervous system. As a result, B5 is seen as a vitamin that can help to treat symptoms like fatigue and even stress. It plays a very important role in the maintenance of your body's nerves.

How to Get More Vitamin B5

Now that you know some of the benefits of vitamin B5, it's important that you know where to get it from. While there are vitamin B5 supplements available, there are also plenty of foods that can help you maintain the proper levels. For instance, you can eat anything from a bowl of cereal to a handful of nuts and you will probably be taking in vitamin B5. You can also eat certain types of meats, vegetables, eggs and fish to get your daily dosage of vitamin B5. Check the nutritional label on these products to make sure they contain enough vitamin B5 for you.

Why You Should Take More Vitamin B5

There are some types of people that will benefit more from vitamin B5 than others. For example, if you suffer from stress all the time or if you drink alcoholic beverages regularly, it's essential that you make sure that you get enough vitamin B5 into your diet. In order to make the most of it when you do, you should try taking more vitamin A and vitamin C, as both of these complement vitamin B5 well within the body. Regardless of how you get it or where you get it, B5 is one of the vitamins that you need to be sure you take often.

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Aloe Vera May Have Beneficial Effects For Diabetics

A new study highlights the anti-diabetic effects of aloe vera. The plant, which originates from Africa, has been found to reduce blood sugar levels, which can be helpful for patients suffering from type 2 diabetes.

Diabetes patients could have a reason to take a regular dose of aloe vera, as this succulent plant has been found to keep blood sugar levels in check.

For 6,000 years, aloe or aloe vera plants, which are native to Africa and certain Indian Ocean islands, have been used in phytotherapy, dermatology and cosmetics in the form of gels and creams.
American researchers published this week a review of nine studies exploring the plant's benefits for type 2 diabetes patients in the "Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine."

According to the various sets of data, taking aloe vera as an oral supplement can significantly reduce the level of glucose in the blood (46.6 mg/dl), as well as reducing HbA1c (1.05%), or glycated hemoglobin, which indicates the average blood glucose level over the previous three months.

Regularly taking aloe vera stimulates the secretion of insulin, which is particularly useful for people suffering from diabetes. Patients with blood sugar levels of 200mg/dl benefitted the most from the effects of aloe vera, the researchers found.

Diabetes is diagnosed when a patient's fasting blood sugar level is greater than or equal to 130 mg/dl, or when it rises to 200 mg/dl or more one
to two hours after a meal.

Previous clinical research has identified effective therapeutic properties of aloe vera in the treatment of certain skin conditions (eczema, psoriasis, burns), gastro-intestinal conditions and cell ageing, thanks to its antioxidant properties.

For aloe vera juice, the maximum daily dose is a recommended 50ml, while the recommended dose for capsules is 200 to 300mg per day.

Aloe vera is grown industrially in the USA, the Caribbean, the Philippines and Mexico.

How To Remove DHT From Your Scalp Naturally

On this page I will explain exactly what to do to prepare the scalp so that new hairs can actually start growing again, and existing hairs will become stronger.

Without the scalp preparation it’s much harder for new hairs to grow because where the hair follicle exits, the skin has become blocked, clogged, and the pH is generally very unfavourable for new hair growth.

I will explain how to reactivate the hair growth process using a little known technique that initiates the growth phase of the hair follicle. And finally I will show you how to stimulate the scalp and emerging hair follicles in such a way that they continue to grow, faster and stronger.

I highly recommend reading some of the other articles on the blog such as the detox post. If you don’t then this technique won’t work nearly as well (although you would probably still get some good results, it’s much more powerful when combined with the other techniques).

This method just speeds up the results. All in all if you carry this out it will probably halve the time for visible results.

Preparing Your Scalp So New Hairs Can Grow

Preparing the scalp means cleaning it, removing both the natural and unnatural substances that have built up there, which are both the cause and effect of hair loss.

Without the cleaning process, new hairs are less likely to appear because they literally have to push and squeeze their way out of the epidermis, and this makes it less likely to happen.

It’s like a plant that has to grow through a thick layer of gravel that’s dry and acidic, even if there is fertile ground beneath, it has a much harder task. Our aim is to make it as easy as possible for new hair growth to occur.

So what should be cleaned from the epidermis to allow hair growth? Well there are 4 things we have to remove first. These are;

  1. Embedded sebum
  2. Dead skin
  3. Cosmetic products
  4. Pollutants

These 4 substances will become mixed together and form what’s called epidermis plaque that clings to the scalp and prevents hair growth and causes miniaturization of existing hair follicles. The plaque also contains DHT that’s secreted through the epidermis creating a perpetually inhospitable environment for hair growth.

This is how to remove the epidermis plaque.

By far the most effective way to remove the epidermis plaque is to use a salicylic acid peel. This is a mild acid that is applied to the scalp where it gently cleans and removes the plaque. Salicylic acid was originally used to exfoliate the skin to make it younger.

It’s safe to use this mild acid on the scalp because the hair follicle roots grows from much deeper in the scalp then the acid reaches so it won’t cause hair loss in any way.

Begin by purchasing a bottle of 10% salicylic acid. This is easy to find online because it’s a popular skin exfoliation and peeling product. At the same time purchase some cold-pressed extra virgin coconut oil.

We’ll be using this to protect the hair strands from the alcohol in the salicylic acid product which can sometimes cause drying. It’s usually not a problem at all, but just in case.

Follow this procedure

Wash and dry your hair. Now apply the coconut oil to your hair by massaging it in. Try to minimize the amount covering your scalp because we want the salicylic acid to get in there and do its job. Leave the coconut oil on about half an hour. Now it’s time to apply the salicylic acid using a pipette.

Part your hair and gently touch the pipette to the scalp so a small drop comes out and spreads across the scalp. You’ll want to do about 40 of these across the front of your scalp where the hair loss is the greatest. Don’t worry if some goes on your hair, it won’t damage it.

If you feel a painful stinging sensation at any time, immediately wash your scalp under warm water. If not allow the acid to clean the scalp for a minute or two. If you feel a mild stinging sensation then wait 30 seconds then begin to wash your head under warm water. If you don’t feel any stinging at all, wait ten minutes then wash it off under warm water.

A note on salicylic acid for hair cleaning your scalp.

Salicylic acid can be used to clean the scalp and remove DHT
15% Salicylic acid

Before you use salicylic acid it’s recommended to do a skin test to make sure you’re not allergic to it. This involves applying a small amount of the solution to a visible piece of skin.

Try somewhere that you find sensitive, because if there’s no reaction here, you’ll scalp will be absolutely fine.

Leave the solution on the skin until it starts to sting (it should be a mild stinging, not painful, if it is painful your skin may be too sensitive or the solution is too strong), when it starts stinging, wash if off with plenty of water.

After 10 minutes if there is no stinging whatsoever, wash it off anyway. Observe your skin for the next week or so, and if you have no adverse reactions then you’re good to go.

After you’ve carried this out, observe your scalp under a bright light for a week. You might observe skin peeling and flaking off, this is a good sign and shows the peel has done its job. If there is no peeling and there still appears to be plaque on the scalp (which often looks shiny) another peel is probably in order.

It varies from person to person but there’s a good chance you will need another few peels to fully remove the plaque. Repeat the procedure until you feel like the plaque has been removed. You can aid the process by brushing away the flakes that fall off with a hair brush, which also helps de-clog the pores.

What to do if the plaque builds up quickly again!

You might find that the plaque builds up quickly again, this is because of the overproduction of the sebum which debilitates hair growth.

I would recommend checking out the post on detox for reversing hair loss and also our hair loss course which will help in preventing sebum production and generally give your new hair the best chance of survival by showing you how to reduce the production of DHT whilst super-charging your blood with hair growing nutrients and hormones.

This enzyme helps breakdown fats (what the sebum is made from) so instead of circulating around the bloodstream and leaching through the sweat glands, they are broken down and disposed of more efficiently. (This is also the most effective way to cure acne)

How to naturally remove DHT from your scalp
The DHT molecule

Ok that’s the procedure for preparing the scalp for new hair growth. Let’s summarize it quickly

  1. Test the silacylic acid on your skin
  2. Monitor the results to make sure no adverse reactions occur
  3. Wash and dry hair, apply coconut oil to hair strands
  4. Apply silacylic acid to scalp using pipette
  5. Rinse with warm water after ten minutes, or 30 seconds after mild stinging sensation. 

Reactivating and Stimulating Your Scalp

In this section we’ll use a ‘double pronged approach’ to first activate and then stimulate hair growth. We initially need to activate the hair follicles and epidermis from their dormant state, wake them up and send a signal to your body that says ‘hey it’s beneficial to use our resources to grow hair right now’.

We need to put them into a state of activity by telling the body to send all the building blocks for hair growth such as the nutrients, minerals and hormones that have been carefully cultivated and optimized in the previous sections.

Without activating the scalp, much of our hard work will go into repairing and building other parts of the body that are in need. (This definitely isn’t a bad thing at all, but for our purposes we can ‘trick’ our bodies to send its supplies into the scalp for new hair growth). Find out about the best laser combs for hair growth here.

Using a dermaroller to stimulate the scalp

For this we’ll need a dermaroller. This is a device like a rolling pin, except that this one is covered in hundreds of tiny needles about 0.5mm long. The dermaroller is rolled across the scalp it produces thousands of tiny pricks in the epidermis.

The pricks aren’t deep enough to do any long term damage, they’re just deep enough to wake up the cells in that area so they can send their resources. This helps increase cell production and circulation to the epidermis.

A note on the dermaroller

This device is actually meant to be used to promote younger skin and heal acne wounds, stretch marks and scars. The roller pricks stimulate the new growth of collagen and elastin fibres, as well as new melanocytes, and re-vascularization. The tiny wounds heal in less than an hour, but the cells remain stimulated.

In a way it’s similar to pruning a bush, or cutting the grass. Where the cut was made, growth hormones flood to, and fresh vegetation growth can be found soon after. It’s important to clean the roller each time you use it to prevent any chance of infection.

You can do this by washing in boiling hot water, or a mild antibacterial solution before use.

How to us the dermaroller to activate hair growth

Lightly roll the dermaroller over the parts of your scalp suffering from hair loss. Apply just enough pressure that the tiny needles penetrate the skin. You might feel a tingling sensation but it shouldn’t hurt. Go over the effected parts of your scalp 4 times each at a different angle each time.

After you’ve done this, you can now apply the special hair growth elixir. You should apply the dermaroller and elixir every other day to start with.

Once your scalp has got use to it, you can do it every day, or however often you feel it will be beneficial and convenient to you. Once a day after a few weeks seems to work well. Do it before bed, this gives the maximum time to heal without interruption.

The Hair Growth Elixir That Causes Hair Growth

The next step is to apply a special topical elixir to the scalp. This mixture has been specifically formulated to stimulate as much growth as possible whilst suppressing the production of DHT. I’m not talking about minoxidil either, this is much cheaper and much more effective.

This formula came about through a series of trial and error with myself and other men suffering from androgenic alopecia (hair loss) over a number of years, and a lot of research, so please make the most of it.

Component 1: Hyaluronic Acid
Hyaluronic acid is a useful acid that’s produced naturally in our bodies; its main purpose is to assist in the transportation of nutrients to cells and the removal of waste.

For re-growing hair this is useful, however it also provides a good base component because it’s cheap, has no color, no smell and doesn’t produce reactions from the skin.

Component 2: Emu Oil
Emu oil is useful oil in general, but for our purposes it’s the absolutely perfect ingredient. Firstly it’s almost entirely triglyceride in nature.

This means it can very easily penetrate into the skin to deliver all its beneficial qualities. It also means it doesn’t tend to clog or block the scalp at all, preventing bacterial growth and allowing circulation. Secondly emu oil is a DHT inhibitor when applied topically.

It’s a very rich source of vitamins and minerals which will feed the hair growth. And lastly emu oil is known to have anti-inflammatory properties and bacteriostatic properties, meaning pores don’t become inflamed and instead they will dilate, whilst preventing bacterial growth. Mix the hyaluronic acid and emu oil together in a 1:1 ratio.

We’re now going to add one of the most powerful natural DHT inhibitors to the mixture. The beauty of this method is that unlike oral or normal topical solutions, when we mix this with the hyaluronic acid and emu oil it gets right into the scalp, where it is most important to penetrate to stop DHT.

Oral methods will help a little but they aren’t as effective because they’re diluted throughout the entire body and DHT can still reside in the scalp.

Normal topical solutions aren’t much better because the solution just sits on top of the scalp, it doesn’t penetrate and is washed away easily, and so it doesn’t work as effectively.

Component 3: Saw Palmetto
Soft gel saw palmetto is best, simply pierce the gel capsule and squeeze the oil into the original mixture of hyaluronic acid and emu oil. The ratio should be roughly 1 part saw palmetto: 6 parts hyaluronic acid and emu oil.

Sometimes the soft gels come with extra DHT inhibiting ingredients such as pygeum or pumpkin seed. This is not a problem and will likely be beneficial for your hair so don’t be afraid to use those ones.

There’s one final component to add to our mixture. The primary purpose of this one is to stimulate circulation in the scalp, much like the expensive topical solution Minoxidil. However a Japanese double blind study actually found that this component was twice as effective at promoting hair growth as minoxidil.

In fact, when mixed with our solution it works even better because the hyaluronic acid and emu oil allow it to penetrate deeper into the scalp where it is most beneficial.

The final component is apple polyphenol. This can be bought inexpensively online or at a health shop. Break the capsule into our mixture in a ratio of approximately 1 part polyphenol: 6 parts mixture.

Vigorously shake the mixture in your application bottle to make sure all the components are nicely mixed. Not only does apple polyphenol stimulate blood circulation directly to the scalp but it helps neutralize free radicals.

The ‘elixir’ is now ready to be applied to the scalp. After you’ve rolled the dermaroller 4 x over each part of the scalp apply the elixir in small blobs and massage in.

If the scalp feels mildly uncomfortable over the next 24 hours that’s ok, each time you repeat the process the uncomfortable feeling will get less.

If you feel strong discomfort, wash the mixture away with warm water. Wait 24 hours and look out for any signs of reaction. (This has never happened to anyone I know, but just in case)

If you are using Minoxidil then substitute this mixture for it. The side effects of minoxidil will go away, and only natural ingredients will reach the scalp. It’s also much less expensive.


You’ve been reading the shortened, basic version of this technique. I would recommend getting fully up to date and using the detailed and comprehensive version inside my hair loss course here.

Don’t miss anything that could damage your results, get the full version of this method (recently updated) to give your hair the best chance. I’ve added a couple of extra steps and along with extra details and images.

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Natural Ways To Destroy Moles, Warts, Blackheads, Skin Tags And Age Spots

There are more than 3000 skin problems that occur to people every day and skin tags, moles, warts, age spots and blackheads appear most often.

Infection, allergic reactions and inflammation can appear on any place of the body. You will notice change of the texture or the color of your skin.

Luckily, most of the skin conditions are treatable. You can find the solution very easy if you know the healing properties of these common ingredients.

In order to have a healthy and clear skin, we recommend you to try some of the following natural remedies, which are very effective.


Warts are caused by HPV (human papilloma virus) and are manifested by small bumps on the skin or mucous membranes. Some of the most commonly used treatments for treating warts are salicylic acid or freezing. Some people even wrap them in duct tape. However, you should try the following solutions:

Pure Raw Honey

You can use honey in order to remove warts and the procedure for that is very simple. All you need to do is to rub honey on the wart at night and wrap it with a bandage. In this way, you will successfully remove it and in some cases, warts eliminated in this way never return.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Another Apple beneficial product is apple cider vinegar. Keep in mind that you should apply it at night. Soak a cotton ball with apple cider vinegar and secure it with a bandage. Leave it thus overnight, or for 24 hours. Then, replace it with a new one. The wart will slowly shrivel up and vanish.


The easiest way to eliminate warts is to rub the wart every night with a banana peel. Repeat the procedure for two weeks and the wart will disappear.


With the use of crushed garlic or garlic juice, you can remove the wart in 14 days. Every night, rub crushed garlic on the wart and put a bandage over it. Moreover, apply garlic juice to the wart two times a day.

Skin Tags

Skin tags are skin growths that stick out from the skin surface, and in mostly appear around the neck, upper chest, underarms and eyelids. In most cases, they appear as a result of skin rubbing against skin. They are commonly eliminated by tying off, cutting off, and freezing. Still, there are natural remedies that can provide fantastic effects:

Tea Tree Oil

Soak a cotton ball in mixture of water and couple drops of tea tree oil. Dab the cotton ball on the skin tag and cover with a bandage. You repeat this process two to three times a day for a month. This method is the safest for the skin tags around the eyes but it may take a while.

Baking Soda and Castor Oil

With this mixture you can eliminate skin tags very easy. Mix the ingredients in order to get paste and apply it to the skin tag, securing it cover a bandage. The paste can be stored in the fridge for up to 48 hours. Practice this method two to three times a day.

Apple Cider Vinegar

You can soak a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar and squeeze it to remove any excess. Dab the skin tag with the apple cider vinegar, and leave it on the place for as long as you want. In several days, the skin tag will darken and fall off by itself.

Clearing Out Clogged Pores

Clogged pores in most cases are caused by oil buildup on the skin, which can make the skin look bumpy. This is not a serious skin condition, but it destroys the smooth appearance of the skin. In some rare cases, if you do not clean clogged pores in time, they may become infected.


Steaming is definitely the best and most effective way to unclog pores. First of all you need to wash your face. After that, place your face over a pot with boiled water. Cover your head with a towel, in order to be exposed to as much steam as possible. Remain thus for 10 to 15 minutes. Next step is to wash your face and rinse it a few times with warm water. Finally, apply some vinegar to clean up any extra debris.

Sugar Scrub

Exfoliating is another efficient way to unclog your pores and restore the healthy shine of your skin. Prepare a paste of sugar and lemon. Rub it with an organic cotton washcloth on the area with clogged pores in a circular motion. After you finish with the scrubbing, wash your face and rinse it with warm water.

Dark Spots

Discolored patches on the skin on the face, hands and forearms are known as age spots or dark spots. Their cause is still not clear, but many doctors are convinced that they occur as a result of sun exposure and an aging liver. Some of the best natural remedies for dark spots are:

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is another effective remedy against dark spots. Put fresh aloe on the dark spot and leave it on for 30 minutes. Use the inner gel of the fresh aloe plant, which may be grown as a house plant.


Onion is remarkable ingredient that will provide you great results. All you need to do is to juice or blend the onion and apply it to the dark spot. Leave it to stay about 10 to 15 minutes and then rinse off. You should repeat this procedure daily until the dark spot vanishes.

Vitamin C Serums

It is recommended to use hand – crafted, organic, chemical free vitamin C serums because they can do wonders for your skin! They contain topically active vitamin C and can eliminate dark spots quickly. Additionally, they will repair the damaged skin.


This plant is great for removing the dark spots. Mix it with vinegar and apply the resulted combination to the dark spot every day. The dark spot will slowly fade away.


Lemon is natural bleacher and thus is excellent dark spot remover. Just soak a cotton ball in lemon juice and rub it on the dark spot twice a day.


Moles are common skin issue which can appear at any time in life in both, children and adults. They are actually close groupings of skin pigmentation cells called melanocytes, and come as a result of sun exposure or genetics.

Castor Oil and Baking Soda

Prepare a mixture of castor oil and baking soda (you should get gummy paste) and apply the paste on the mole. After that you need to cover the area with a bandage and leave it thus overnight. The next morning, remove the bandage and rinse the area. Repeat the procedure every night.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is amazingly beneficial in removing moles. All you need to do is to soak a cotton ball in the apple cider vinegar, and apply it on the mole. Secure it with a bandage or medical tape and leave it to act for eight hours. Over time, the mole will blacken and fall off.


You can use garlic extract or just plain garlic, and both are very effective in eliminating moles. Before you apply it, you need to protect the skin around the mole with masking tape or petroleum jelly. Next step is to apply the garlic extract or pressed garlic to the mole, cover the area with a bandage and leave it thus for four hours. This procedure should be repeated every day.

Super Food For Strong Bones

Strong Bones: Yours to Keep

Our bones remain strong throughout young adulthood. As we hit our 30s, they slowly begin to thin out. In women, this process accelerates after menopause, but there are ways to put on the brakes. One of the best lines of defense is your diet — eating the right foods can give you the maximum bone strength and boost your bone density at any age.

Got Milk?

Calcium is the cornerstone of strong bones. Adults up to age 50 need 1,000 milligrams per day. Beginning at age 51, women need 1,200 milligrams every day, and when men hit 71, they need to hit that mark, too. The pop star of calcium sources is undoubtedly milk. A single 8-ounce cup of milk, whether skim, low-fat, or whole, has 300 milligrams of calcium.


OK, sunshine is not a food. But the body produces vitamin D in response to sunlight. Without vitamin D, our bodies cannot properly absorb the calcium in foods. Cloudy weather, a northern latitude, and darker skin can interfere. Plus, dermatologists don’t recommend the sun because it damages the skin. So some people may choose a vitamin D supplement. The recommended dietary intake is 600 IU a day for most adults, jumping to 800 IU above age 70.

Hold the Salt

Salt is a major culprit in depriving the body of calcium. The more salt you eat, the more calcium gets carried away by urine. Sticking to a low-salt diet can help you keep more calcium to strengthen your bones.

Nuts & Seeds

Nuts and seeds can bolster bone health in several ways. Walnuts and flaxseeds are packed with omega-3 fatty acids. Peanuts and almonds contain potassium, which protects against the loss of calcium in urine. Nuts also contain protein and other nutrients that play a supportive role in building strong bones.


Salmon and other types of fatty fish offer an array of bone-boosting nutrients. They contain vitamin D, which assists in calcium absorption. They’re also high in omega-3 fatty acids, which may also help bones. Fish oil supplements have been shown to reduce bone loss in women and may help prevent osteoporosis.

Soy Foods

Half a cup of calcium-enriched tofu contains over 400 milligrams of calcium. Soy milk is usually fortified with 300 milligrams of calcium per cup. Soy has other bone-building benefits, too. New research suggests plant-based chemicals called isoflavones strengthen bone. Isoflavones are plentiful in soy foods, such as tofu. This may make soy useful in warding off bone disease in postmenopausal women.

Fortified Foods

If dairy products, sardines, and leafy greens leave you cold, consider eating fortified foods. These are products that do not naturally contain calcium but have been enhanced with varying amounts of the essential mineral. Breakfast foods are a great start — fortified orange juice has about the same calcium as milk, and fortified cereals deliver up to 1,000 milligrams per cup. Check the nutritional label for the exact amount.


You might be surprised to learn that calcium is plentiful in many vegetables. Go for dark leafy greens such as bok choy , Chinese cabbage, and kale. The traditional soul food favorites, collard and turnip greens, offer a lot of calcium, too. One cup of chopped, cooked turnip greens has about 200 milligrams of calcium.


Milk and dairy products are not the only ways to get calcium. Another excellent source is sardines. All those little fish bones have just what you need to build bone mass in your own body. Eating 3 ounces of canned sardines delivers a little more calcium than a cup of milk.

Yogurt and Cheese

Not a milk drinker? A cup of yogurt has at least as much calcium as an 8-ounce cup of milk. And 1 ounce of Swiss cheese has nearly as much. Even if you’re lactose intolerant, you can probably eat yogurt and hard cheeses without any problem. Or try lactose-free dairy products. Removing lactose from milk and dairy foods does not affect the calcium content.

9 Best Home Remedies For Migraine Headaches

A series of complex exchanges between the nervous and vascular system of the body can result in major variations in specific brain chemicals. This in turn can trigger debilitating headaches known as migraines.   A primary headache disorder, migraine affects nearly one third of the global population. If left untreated, this recurring headache can increase in intensity from moderate to severe. Sometimes the intensity of pain associated with a migraine headache is so extreme, that it can completely incapacitate an individual.

An Insight Into Migraine Headaches

A migraine headache, till recently, was thought to be the outcome of abnormal dilation and constriction of the network of blood vessels which line the brain surface. However, current medical investigative research has revealed the fact that migraine headache is the result of specific anomalies in certain parts of the brain. A typical migraine headache commences as a throbbing pain on one side of the head. As the brain starts to release inflammatory substances like serotonin and / or prostaglandins, the intensity of pain increases manifold. Intense migraine headache, which lasts anywhere from a few minutes to a couple of hours, is often accompanied by phonophobia or sensitivity to sound, photophobia or extreme sensitivity to light and nausea.

Effective Home Remedies For Migraine Headaches

Numerous home remedies exist to counter a painful migraine headache. These effective home remedies can ease the pain and symptoms associated with a particularly intense migraine attack. Some wonderful home remedies for migraine headaches are revealed in this article.

Enjoy A Relaxing Head Massage

There is nothing like a relaxing massage to ease the pain associated with a migraine headache. Stress and tension are major trigger factors for a migraine headache.A long relaxing head massage using essential oils like patchouli or lavender can help to release pent up stress and tension. This in turn can help to reduce the severity of a migraine attack.

Tie A Tight Headband

This popular home remedy for migraine headache has been around since ancient times. To relieve the throbbing, vice like migraine headache, tie a tight headband around the head. Use a narrow strip of cloth to prepare the headband or you can even use an old tie or any other long, narrow piece of cloth.

Inhale Peppermint Oil

You can easily procure pure peppermint oil from any store selling herbal products. Inhaling peppermint oil can help to control the dilation and constriction of blood vessels.Sometimes improper blood flow can trigger a migraine headache. When a person inhales peppermint oil, the blood vessels open up. Proper blood circulation can help to prevent migraine headaches.

Increase Vitamin B2 Intake

Stock up on vitamin B2 supplements especially if you are susceptible to recurrent and violent migraine headaches. Taking higher doses of vitamin B2 or riboflavin can help to ease the intensity and length of a migraine attack. Sustained intake of vitamin B2 supplements can also help to reduce the frequency of migraine headaches.
Try A Cold Compress

 Try A Cold Compress

A soothing cold compress is known to relive a migraine headache. The exact effect of cold compress on a throbbing migraine remains ambiguous. But migraine sufferers who have tried this home remedy swear by its effectiveness. Dip a face towel in some cold water. Squeeze out the excess water and spread the towel over your forehead. Repeat this procedure a number of times till the intensity of pain decreases.

Drink Water

Dehydration can trigger headaches, especially migraine headaches. Chronic dehydration can cause debilitating migraine headaches. Drink plenty of water to stop migraine attack.

Use Lavender Oil

Soothing lavender oil can ease a migraine headache. You can either apply pure lavender oil on your temple (side of the head), or you can inhale lavender oil. For a more calming experience that can help to drive away a migraine headache, add two to three drops of pure lavender oil in a small bowl of warm water. As the aroma of pure lavender suffuses your immediate surroundings, you will notice a definite lessening of the pain associated with a migraine headache.

Apply Vinegar

This is an unusual, nonetheless effective home remedy to combat a migraine headache. Dip a face towel in a bowl containing apple cider vinegar. Squeeze out the excess vinegar and press the face towel on those parts of your head which hurt the most. Repeat this process a couple of times. There will be a noticeable reduction in intensity of migraine headache.

Try A Cabbage Cold Compress

This is a wonderful home remedy for migraine headaches. You can prepare a cabbage cold compress by placing a couple of fresh cabbage leaves in the freezer. After a couple of minutes remove the cabbage leaves from the freezer and place them on your forehead. Close your eyes and relax. The migraine headache will disappear magically.

Broccoli sprout extract helps stave off skin cancer

Washington, Oct 23 : A topical application of an extract of broccoli sprouts may help protect people from the damaging effects of ultraviolet (UV) radiation say researchers from Johns Hopkins.

After positive trials in mice, the researchers conducted experiments on six healthy human volunteers.

Each volunteer was exposed to a pulse of UV radiation on small patches of their skin (less than 1 inch in diameter) that were either treated or untreated with different doses of broccoli extract.

The researchers found that the degree of skin redness (erythema) caused by UV rays, which is an accurate index of the inflammation and cell damage c
aused by UV radiation, is markedly reduced when treated with the extract.

At the highest doses, UV-induced redness and inflammation were reduced by an average of 37 percent. The extracts were protective even when applied three days prior to UV exposure. The protection did vary considerably among the subjects, ranging from 8 percent to 78 percent.

Lead researcher Paul Talalay, M.D., professor of pharmacology, more importantly revealed that the extract is not a sunscreen.

Sunscreens work by absorbing UV light and preventing its entry into the skin. This extract on the other hand, works inside cells by boosting the production of a network of protective enzymes that defend cells against many aspects of UV damage.

As a result, the effects are long lasting. The protection lasts for several days, even after the extract is no longer present on or in the skin.

Talalay says: “Treatment with this broccoli sprout extract might be another protective measure that alleviates the skin damage caused by UV radiation and thereby decreases our long-term risk of developing cancer.”

The protective chemical agent in the broccoli sprout extracts is sulforaphane. It was first identified by Talalay and his colleagues more than 15 years ago and has been shown to prevent tumor development in a number of animals treated with cancer-causing chemicals.

The study appears in this week’s issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

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Papaya Leaves Balance Blood Sugar and Boost Immunity

Most of the people prefer eating the fruit, without knowing that its leaves are the most beneficial.

The leaves have a bitter taste because of the fact they are abundant of phytonutrients, which gives them the therapeutic ability.

Papaya leaves can be used for internal and external problems. When used externally, they are very useful for treating different skin conditions, from infected cuts to removing of a freckle.

When used internally, the tea of papaya leaves can help in the treatment of gastric upset and excess water retention.
Papaya Leaves Balance Blood Sugar and Boost Immunity

A study from 2012 showed that the papaya leaves have a hypoglycemic effect on the body. After 4 days of the injection, they increase the glucose blood levels and decrease the body weight at the same time.

The papaya leaves have a liquid extract which can improve the metabolic disruption produced by diabetics.

This extract has antioxidants which can decrease diabetes complications such as kidney damage, oxidative stress, and fatty liver.

People around the world use parts of the papaya for treating numerous diseases including cancer.

And a recent study conducted in Tokyo, Japan, is a proof for this claim. Researchers discover that when it comes to tumor cells the extract in the papaya leaves has an inhibitory activity, meaning that it has the ability to prevent the growth of the tumor cells and stimulate an anti-tumor effect.

Papaya Leaves Tea – Recipe


10 papaya leaves
Gallon of water

Add the leaves in the water and boil until the water is at a quarter of its quantity. Consume small doses in order to boost your immune system, treat indigestion, and detoxify your body.

But, you should know that there aren’t a lot of test about the effectiveness of papaya leaves on people, the tests of papaya leaves on animals show a low percentage of toxicity. This means that the tea is completely safe for consumption on a long-term.

 NOTE: When the herbs are mixed with other herbs, supplements, or medication, it is usual for them to cause some side effects. So, before using different herbs, we recommend you to ask a doctor for an advice.

6 Effective Natural Cures For Melanoma

Melanoma is a tumor of melanocytes that occurs mostly on skin but in extreme cases it happens in the bowel and the eye. It is one of the rare type of skin cancer that may lead to skin cancer deaths as well.This problem occurs when the pigment cells grow at an uncontrolled rate.It should be removed through a surgery if it grows more than 1 mm in thickness.

The problem of melanoma is more frequent in males than females and the people living in sunny climates are more prone to this disease than other people living in normal climatic conditions. This problem must be treated on time as a report of WHO says that around 48,000 deaths occurred due to this problem. When it is in the initial stage then it can be treated with the help of the following natural cures as well:

Natural Cures For Melanoma


The two main components of raspberry are ascorbyl and allantonin that stops the further growth of melanoma cells.It also in the repairing of the skin tissues. You can take raspberry extracts raw or can apply it directly on the skin for better results. The seeds of raspberry are more effective as compared to raspberry so chew 3-4 seeds of it regularly twice in a day to get rid of the affected area. The chances of spread of this disease will be minimized by taking this remedy.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil contains terpenin oil that helps to resist the growth of melanoma cells.tea tree oil has anti-bacterial, anti-stimulant, anti-balsamic and anti –microbial properties which makes it an effective cure to fight with skin diseases. The skin lesions formed in melanoma got repaired with the formation of a new tissue. It should be used topically on the affected area twice a day to get better results.


Turmeric contains curcumin which has anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties. The further formation of new cells causing melanoma get stopped by using turmeric in any form. The cells that are present also dies with the increased usage of turmeric in diet.Turmeric milk will prove beneficial for the patients with melanoma.


Astragalus roots are used in many herbal medicines. So you should take astragalus as it is a natural immune stimulant and helps to fight with skin infections. The root extracts are anti-tumor and anti-inflammatory and help to restore the anticancer skin cells.


Vitamin D in sunlight kills the growth of melanoma cells and they become inactive. So you should take sun exposure but to avoid the problem of sunburn, you should do it with caution and medical advice from a doctor.

Green Tea

Green tea, black and normal tea come from the plant Camellia sinensis which gets different colors due to the different types of processes used for the formation of tea. The catechin polyphones and plant polyphenols in it help to prevent the formation of tumors and skin problems like melanoma. The tea that is served with cardamom and clove have many health benefits .A person suffering from the problem of melanoma should take green tea thrice is day for better results. It is one of the safest ways to get rid of any skin problems.

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Home Remedies for Eczema

Top Home Remedies for Eczema

Before we take a deeper explanation about eczema treatment, we firstly need to know what the eczema is.

What exactly Eczema means?

Eczema is defines as a chronic itchy skin disease. The term eczema came from Greek word which has the meaning ‘to boil out’. This disease will show up within the first five or six years of your life. It will last into your childhood and even to your adulthood. We usually know eczema as the type of dermatitis or the condition when your skin is inflamed. But you need to exactly understand that not all dermatitis is eczema. You have to pay more attention to its causes and symptoms.

Main factor for Eczema?

Eczema can be caused by many factors. One of the most common causes of eczema is atopic dermatitis. Many people also refer the eczema disease as atomic dermatitis. Atopic dermatitis itself can lead you to some serious diseases like asthma and allergic rhinitis. But it has been considered as pure allergic disease. This atopic is a common condition which is faced by many people, including babies.

The term eczema disease also can be described into some skin condition. For example, the allergic contact dermatitis. Your skin will be allergic to some substances like nickel or poison oak. There’s also irritant dermatitis, which happens from the contact with harsh chemical substance. There’re other situations such as scabies infestations, statis dermatitis, fungal infections, asteasosis, dyshidrosis, nummular dermatitis and the other special conditions.

Eczema causes

As I’ve told before, that eczema is commonly referred as atopic dermatitis. When you’re suffering from atopic dermatitis, you’ll face some abnormal immunologic conditions, such as increased the immunoglobulin E antibody and the defective of your cell-mediated immunity. These conditions will make your body should work harder to fight against bacterial, viral and fungal infections.

This disease can be caused by some environment factors. Your dry skin may be caused by your lack of filaggrins skin proteins. It can also be caused by your so dry environment. You can consider some conditions or things that will cause eczema such as low humidity places, harsh soaps and detergents, lotions, solvents, sweating, rough wool clothing, rubber gloves and so on. The common bacteria which causes eczema is called staphylococcus bacteria. When you often to make your skin wet and then dry again, you can have the possibility to get this disease. For some patients, eczema is also caused by some food allergies.

Eczema signs

The very first sign of eczema is the extreme itching skin. After you feel so itchy, you will get the rash skin and then it turns to be red and bumpy. You will feel that your skin is burning. In some cases, if you make many rubbing, it will injure your skin. You also need to consider when you have some round areas in your skin. It’s usually referred as coin shaped eczema.

Another sign is the red bumps that look bubbly on your skin. This red bumps usually show up in the sides of finger. This sign can be associated by dyshidrotic eczema. You will get painful cracks in the skin that will keep improving if you’re suffering from eczema. The common locations of the rash are on your neck, flexures of your arms and flexures of legs. The eczema in infants will give some signs such as rash on the torso and face. In the chronic level, those signs, such as itchy and rash skin, will decrease your sleeping quality.

Home remedies

There are actually many home remedies for eczema. So here I’ll give you some useful tips of home remedies for eczema.

Use Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil has been proven to be an effective treatment for eczema. This is actually not an oil, but a liquid wax. If you take jojoba to your skin, it will make a deep penetration into your skin. This oil can give back your natural skin oil. Jojoba oil is made by fatty acids and alcohols. It’s so rich and moisturizing. The component of this jojoba is obviously safe to your skin.

To use this method, you need to buy jojoba oil. Then to apply this oil to your rash skin, slowly message it into your skin until it successfully penetrate your skin. You just need small amount of jojoba because it’s has been rich and so moisturizing. To get a maximum result, you can take this jojoba 3 times a day

Coconut Oil

This treatment is one of the most simple and effective home remedies for eczema. Coconut oil can be a lotion for eczema. Coconut oil is very useful to create more moisture to your skin. This oil can fill your intercellular space which opens up and makes you lose moisture. The fats and oils are the ingredients that you need to use to recover your dry skin. It also can prevent you from irritating skin.

To use coconut oil, you can simply rub this oil to the damaged area. You just have to wait until it dry. You can use this coconut oil based on your need. But you need to remember to wash your hand first and keep it clean.

Non-Oil Treatment

There’re other methods to treat your eczema besides using oil. You can try using a vegetable which is called vegetable glycerin. This glycerin is different than the regular glycerin, which is widely used for soap industry. The vegetable glycerin is the plant-based product. It’s made up by oils and fats which are usually contained in coconut and palm oil. These veggies can work well with your skin and can restore your skin’s moisture. It can also prevent your skin from dry, itchy or inflamed.

To take this method, you need the food-grade vegetable glycerin. Food-grade vegetable glycerin means the glycerin which is 99.7% pure. It only contains 0.3% water. You also need the filtered water and a mister bottle to spray the glycerin. To create this formula, you can mix the vegetable glycerin and water with ratio 1:1. You can fill it into a spray bottle and mix it up. Then you can spray your glycerin to the affected area in your skin. You’ll see such an effective result from this method.

Change your habit

Your eczema disease can be caused by your wrong habit. You can try to identify what kind of foods that you consume every day. You can also make investigation about the products that have contact with your skin, such as the hand soap, body lotion, detergent, etc. If you’re currently using the new products, you can search about the ingredients of your products. If you’ve already known what kind of diet or product that triggers your eczema, you need to change your habit immediately. This method has been proven to be effective in preventing eczema disease.

Use the honey

You can use honey to treat your eczema too. Honey is the anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory substances. It can effectively heal your affected skin. You need to search for the organic honey. To use this approach, you need to apply honey to your itching skin. You have to remember that you apply honey only to the small areas of the infected skin. As an option, you can cover it with the bandage. After that, you just need to wait for 30 minutes. Then, you can clean your skin with cool water. You can repeat this method for 3 times a day.

Consume fish oil

Fish oil is also effective to cure your eczema. You can start to consume the fish oil with the daily doses. It will obviously help your body to produce more substances which are needed by your body, especially your skin. This oil can cure your itching skin. If you don’t like the taste or smell of the fish oil, you can mix it up with orange juice. With this method, it will be easier for you to treat your eczema

Take the butter

You can also use body butter to treat your itchy, dry and burning skin. You can choose the good body butter to take this method. This body butter consists of jojoba oil, shea butter, coconut oil and beeswax. These ingredients are so effective to heal your eczema. The shea butter contains fatty acids which can’t be converted into soap. This substance can heal and repair the infected skin. It can also decrease the impact of inflammation. The beeswax is also great to protect and also soften your skin. Jojoba and coconut oil are the ingredients which have been scientifically proven to heal eczema.

To create such great body butter, you need 2 tablespoons of beeswax, 2 tablespoons shea butter, 6 tablespoons of coconut oil, 4 tablespoons of jojoba oil, glass jars and lavender oil as an optional. First you need to melt the beeswax and jojoba oil. After they melts, you can add the coconut oil and mix them up. Then you can decrease the heat, add the shea butter and keep mixing them. Take this mix into glass jars. You can add a little lavender oil if you like. Then cover the jars and wait until it’s cool. After that, you can apply this butter to your infected skin.

Cure for eczema in babies

As I’ve mentioned above, eczema can easily attack baby. The eczema signs will be shown on the babies’ cheek, scalp and forehead. As the babies grow, the signs of eczema will change differently. Eczema in infants will look red and weepy. The key to treat eczema in babies is by avoiding your babies from scratching. This action can make your babies’ skin rashers and more irritating. This also will lead to infection in babies’ skin. To use this method, you have to regularly cut off your babies’ nails. You need to make sure that your babies can’t make any scratch to their itching skin. You can also give your babies hand gloves.

You can use proper hot water in bathing your babies. You’re not allowed to bathe your babies more than 10 minutes in the warm water. The warm water can lose your babies’ natural skin and can lead up to eczema. You can also choose the safe babies skin products. Always use the products which are designed for babies with the sensitive skin. The common products that you need be considered are soap, deodorant and laundry soap. You also shouldn’t rub your babies’ infected skin. You just have to pat those areas. You can also use baby’s moisturizer if your babies’ skin is too wet.

You must pay more attention to your babies’ clothes. You have to choose the cotton made clothes for your babies. You need to perfectly wash your babies’ clothes before it were wore by your children. You also need to choose clothes which don’t make your babies sweating. If your babies’ temperature is relatively hot, it can lead up to eczema disease.