Jumat, 29 Juli 2016


Vitamin B17 is extremely beneficial to cancer patients. However, pharmaceutical companies don’t want the world to know this, because they would lose their profits.

It has been outlawed to write, film, or participate in public discussions about this subject. Unfortunately, the American Cancer Society, the FDA, and American Medical Association are also part of this game.

Even worse, doctors who’ve used this vitamin to treat their patients have been prosecuted.

However, one women decided to deal with cancer on her own. She used vitamin B17 for her treatment, and the cancer responded positively.

Unfortunately, the disease came back once she stopped using the vitamin. Note that this vitamin is highly concentrated in apricot kernels, and it delivers incredible benefits when used appropriately.

The woman refused to undergo chemotherapy, and focused on only taking vitamin B17. Amazingly, this therapy destroyed her tumors. She became cancer-free and healthy again, after taking 500 mg of vitamin B17, twice a day for 10 successive weeks.

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